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We, the nursing staff of Balgrist University Hospital, are responsible for providing patients with round-the-clock care. Our goal is to provide comprehensive, professional and patient-oriented care with a view to creating a climate of security and trust. Keeping patients happy is our key concern. Each nurses ward has one Höfa I nurse (who has completed an advanced specialised training course) to provide the ward manager with support as regards quality-related issues.

Nursing activities focus on the domains of orthopaedics, rheumatology and paraplegiology. We have a professional approach to patients, we view them as individuals and we treat them according to their needs. We set great store by good interdisciplinary cooperation with all professional groups involved in patients care. Nursing at Balgrist University Hospital is ISO 9001:2000-certified.

Orthopaedics and Rheumatology

Pre- and postoperative care, particularly the various forms of pain therapy, is the main focus of nursing in the Orthopaedics Department. In the Rheumatology Department, we concentrate on providing support in managing rheumatic diseases. Conversations with patients and pain therapy are also important parts of the nursing staffs day-to-day work.

Ward managers:
Annette Menkhorst (Ward C)
Daiana Righes (Ward D)
Nadja Lanz (Ward E)
Tanja Dörig (Ward F)
Johanna Raith (Ward G)


Nurses in the Paraplegiology Department place emphasis on rehabilitation. Caring for paralysed patients requires nurses to be highly skilled in providing support in crisis situations and helping patients to become as independent as possible. Key activities for nurses in this department include caring for patients on respirators, boosting patients’ resources and providing guidance and information.

Ward managers:
Elena de Groot (Ward A)

Intensive care ward

Nurses at the intensive care ward, with the integrated recovery room, look after patients who have just been operated on and who require intensive medical care for a short while. We also focus on initial treatment of patients after spinal cord injuries, before they move to our Paraplegic Centre.

Ward manager:
Monika Vieth-Kunz

Nursing Manager
Judith Seitz
Deputy Nursing Manager/LEP (assessment of nursing performance) officer
Marion Felix
Nursing Quality and Development Manager
Vera Müller
Training Coordinator
Regula Tobler
Tel. 044 386 32 03

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